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Terpenes and Thinners can both be used with hemp or cannabis extracts such as CBD isolate, distillate, shatters, or you name it.  They both serve different purposes when combined with cannabis concentrates. 


Terpenes main function is to add flavor and aroma to the vape oil and also steer the direction of the high through the entourage effect.  This wonder uses different terpenes in combination with CBD, THC and often CBN and CBG and THCv as found in nature.  Some of the terpene combinations are better for sleep like Grand Daddy Purple while others are better for creativity like Pineapple Express.  


Thinners work like the name implies, it thins the cannabis or hemp extract into a vape oil that can be used in any vape pod or cartridge.  Thinners also come fruit flavored to accentuate the existing flavor of the herbal concentrate.  Mango, Pineapple and Strawberry Thinners are all popular choices to add to the similar named / tasting cannabis strains.  


Some novice consumers misuse terpenes to thin herbal extracts as they think it’s safe since they are organic.  Terpenes in high concentrations are harmful, such as the amount required to thin shatter into THC vape oil.  Terpenes are extremely concentrated, and if misused can cause throat and lung irritation among other ailments.  That’s why Farm to Vape Terpene kits come with a dropper pipette for dispensing a very small amount of terpenes.  This allows the consumer a safer experience by keeping the terpene ratio around 2%.  Thinners are the go-to-choice for thinning herbal concentrates into vape oil consistency as you can’t add too much.  Adding too much only reduces the potency of the mix.  A popular choice is to use both, thin the CBD isolate or shatter with Thinner, and then add a drop or two of one of the terpene profiles and you have a tasty vape cartridge or pod that you control what goes into it.


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