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Ratios for Different Types of Concentrates and Vape Cartridges

There are many different types of legal cannabis concentrates available to the consumer, the choices can be overwhelming (with joy).  We will first go into the different types of herbal concentrates and their respective characteristics and maximum achievable ratios.  Then we’ll dive into the different types of vape cartridges and which type works best for you. 


As far as concentrates, we’ll break them down into two categories, solvent, and solvent-less.  


To make a solvent-less concentrate that is useable in a vape cartridge one must use a rosin press.  A rosin press has two plates that slowly heat up and they’re attached to a press that apples pressure to press rosin out of the material. Rosin can be derived from trichomes, bubble hash, live plants or dried plant material.  


·      Live Rosin – up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1 typical

·      Rosin – up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical 


There are many different types of solvent made cannabis concentrates that can be made into vape cartridges.  Most work great while Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and food grade bho waxes shouldn’t be used.  If the starting material was old and oxidized, the end product in a vape cartridge won’t taste good.  The best solvent based cannabis concentrates to make cartridges out of are distillates, isolates, live resin, sauces, diamonds, shatters, crumbles and waxes.


·       Distillates - No thinner needed, only terpenes for flavor in large oil hole cartridge; 1:0.1 typical with thinner for better viscosity

·       Isolates – up to 1:2 ratio; 1:2 typical

·       Live resin - up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1 typical

·       Sauces - up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1 typical

·       Diamonds - up to 1:0.75 ratio; 1:1.5 typical

·       Shatter - up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical

·       Crumble - up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical

·       Waxes - up to 1:1 ratio; 1:2 typical


The type of cartridge being used also determines how strong of a ratio for vape oil that can be made.  Vape cartridges come in different size tanks, 0.5ml and 1ml are standard.  0.5ml are preferred as some herbal concentrates contain cellulose waxes, which get darker when they warm up in the coil but don’t vaporize.  The smaller tank size makes this less pronounced.  


Vape cartridges also come with different “oil hole” sizes.  This is the small hole entrance to the coil chamber.  This size determines the viscosity of the CBD vape oil or THC vape oil that will enter the coil chamber.  The smaller the oil hole, the higher the ratio must be used to make the vape oil thin enough to enter.  Too thick, and it won’t enter the coil chamber fast enough and a burning taste will result.  Too thin, the cartridge will flood and make popping sounds and may even spit out vape oil.   The standard “oil hole” sizes are 0.7, 1.0, 1.5 & 2.0mm.  2.0mm accepting the thickest of oils. If one is trying to make the most potent cartridge possible, distillate with up to 2% terpenes is the way to go in a 2.0mm oil hole vape cartridge.  If one wants the most amazing taste and still have great potency live resin in a 2.0mm oil hole cart is the way to go.  The 2.0mm oil hole works with any concentrate, this is how max potency is achieved. 


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