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Banana Kush Terpene Strain Profile

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Banana Kush Terpene Profile Kit adds the perfect amount of a strain specific natural terpenes to flavor your oil.
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Banana Kush is an indica dominant strain that has a hint of banana and kush taste to it.

Farm to Vape (FTV) Terpenes are designed to flavor your oil such as distillate or flavor a herbal concentrate that's been thinned with FTV Thinner. FTV Terpenes are all natural and are derived from other certified organic plants such as oranges and lavender and are recombined back together in the ratios specific to popular strain profiles.  FTV Terpenes contain NO THC, CBD, PEG, PG, VG or MCT, it contains only 100% natural terpenes. Terpenes are natural and give plants their smell, they are considered volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and must be mixed in a well ventilated place.  Must be diluted prior to use, never exceed 2% ratio for vape oil, use only for flavoring oil, not for thinning concentrates as an unsafe ratio is required, use Farm to Vape Thinner for thinning herbal concentrates. Keep out of reach of children.  Made and bottled in the USA.

Terpenes have to ship UPS.

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