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They giveth and they taketh away.  The last few years we have been seeing some major shifts in the court of public opinion, and for the most part this has been good.  Discrimination in general has been reduced as we begin to see people for what they are...people.  Medical Marijuana is finally being recognized for what it is, and a lot of American Citizens are finally able to get there hands on something that should have never been taken from them in the first place.  In other states we are seeing this taken a step further, and you can now even get your hands on Marijuana before you are sick...what a concept!  Yet we are seeing a war being waged on the Vape industry just as we are seeing progress made in other areas in our society.  The FDA is doing what they can to crack down on Vaping even in the face of mounting evidence that it is indeed a much better alternative to smoking.  Sounds all too familiar to what we have seen happen with other forms of prohibition.  
 While we have proof staring us in the face that the advent of the vape industry is a good thing, and we are getting more and more people off of cigarettes, and others off of nicotine all together, it is looking like we may have this option taken from us.  While I clearly see a strong case for regulating the products that we inhale, the devices that deliver these liquids, and the manner in which these are marketed, I have my doubts that this is all coming from a place of genuine concern.  More often than not prohibition starts with good intentions, and as the rallying cries of the small minority get louder, and the financial donations from the corporations that stand to gain the most grow larger, the honest intentions begin to get lost in the mix. 
 I hope this is not the case with what we are seeing with this initial ruling from the FDA, but my guess is big tobacco's lobbyists may see just enough daylight to work this to their advantage.  Then again maybe we have come far enough along to see through the lies as we have with other forms of prohibition and discrimination that were forced on our citizens during a time in which facts didn't flow so freely.  Only time will tell, but for now we are going vape what we want when we want, and keep our eyes and ears open for the truth.

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