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Have you ever noticed how the perfect day can be made better with the perfect vape?  I know we have; heck we built a company around the concept that you should be able to dial in your ejuice exactly how you like it.  Some concentrates can be a bit overwhelming on multiple levels, but when you dial it in just the way you like it then you have the perfect the amount of flavor and potency.  Sure there are times that I like a full flavor vape experience, but there are other times when I am chilling or hanging with the low key crew that I want to be able to vape what I want all night long.  It is on those days and nights that I like to take it light, but I don't want to give up on enjoying the experience.  Of course sometimes you want to share the love with the crowd and show off your perfect ejuice that you created, and on those nights I like to dial up a stronger mix.  This makes perfect sense in then end, because you don't want to spend the night watching your mod tour around the room any longer than it needs to .  Let them try the strong flavor of your party mix, and it will find its way back to your hand before long.  That is the beauty of dialing in your own mix; you know the plan for the day, mix accordingly.  When it is as easy as this there is no reason not to always have just the right mix in your hand for wherever the night takes you.

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