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Refillable THC Vape Pods
Vape pods are the latest thing to change the game of vaping herbal medicines or CBD. Vape pods are either designed for nicotine juice or for thick oils (which is what we're all about). Now that technology has caught up, these tiny, inexpensive vape oil pods are now widely available. They come in several different size "oil holes" which are 1, 1.5 and 2 millimeters respectively and are designed to match different oil thicknesses. The thicker the oil, the larger the hole must be, or the oil can't flow into the coil chamber fast enough and a burning / bad taste results. It's really important to match the thickness of the oil hole and that's where Farm to Vape Thinners come in. 
Most herbal concentrates are too thick to work in these vape pods including pure THC distillate that has terpenes added back (in a safe ratio). Adding a few drops of Farm to Vape can thin distillate enough to work perfect in these thick oil style vape pods. CBD isolate is a solid, which resembles salt in appearance, requires Farm to Vape to turn it into a liquid form that is clear and vapes great in any vape pod system.  Adding more Farm to Vape will thin the mixture even more and a smaller 1mm oil hole size vape pod will work great.  In thinning other herbal concentrates like shatter or wax for use in a vape pod, a 1:2 ratio is required. 
We have noticed some brand vape pods do leak when left in the car on a hot day, We imagine with this new technology they are still working out the details and in the next generations will be on point. 

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