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It is one of our favorite times of the year.  The weather is perfect, the good times are rolling, and music is in the air.  Music Festival season is here!  There is nothing better than a great concert with great friends, and no better traveling companion than Farm To Vape.  With Farm To Vape you can make sure that you are vaping what you want right when the music hits you.  In fact the only tough decision you are going to have is which rig to bring with you.  For a one day show you can get away with a small battery without a big tank, and you are going to be chilling well after the last song.  It is the multiple day music festivals that require a bit more preparation.  Mix your perfect blend of Farm To Vape ahead of time, and you will be set for days of shows...we knew that would be the easy part.  The size of the battery, and the durability of the tank is where you want to pay attention.  We have made it through an entire festival on one charge with the right battery so find the best one you can.  When it comes to tanks we don't always think bigger is better, but in this case go big, you never know where the night of your life is going to take you.

Music Festival is here, and Farm To Vape is ready!  See you at the show!

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