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How to Make Cannabis E Liquid Cartridges (THC Vape Juice)

This article will explain how to turn a large amount of concentrate into e liquid using Farm to Vape.

First you need to mix a small test batch to dial in your concentrate and cartridge characteristics before mixing the big batch. Every concentrate is different; they were all extracted under different conditions and temperatures. We find frozen live resin extracts to be the highest quality as they contain less cellulose wax and lipids, and contain some terpenes that are lost in the drying and curing of the flower. Shatter and crumble work great too.

Tanks are made by different manufacturers with different oil hole sizes to compensate for different viscosities of vape oil and resistance (ohms) as well. These different variables make it difficult for us to say what is the best ratio for your concentrate and vape cartridge.

For those who want to get detailed, the specific gravity of Farm to Vape is 1.11 grams per milliliter where wax is about 1 gram per milliliter. We recommend starting with 1 gram of concentrate to 3 grams of Farm to Vape. This makes close to a 1:3 ratio. Experiment with making the mix slightly stronger or weaker. The goal is to allow the power to be turned up high enough to decarboxylate as much THC-A to THC on each draw on the vape as possible and not burn the mix. If the mix is too thick, the power has to be turned down to not taste burning coils, and this doesn’t convert as much THC-A to THC. That being said, a 1:3 THC infused vape juice will have more effect than a 1:2 THC infused vape juice. This drops off quickly after the 1:3 ratio.

Once you have dialed in the ratio for your concentrate and tank style, you can make your large batch.

You will need:


  • ·Graduated glass beakers
  • ·Glass stirring rod
  • ·Digital hotplate
  • ·Unbleached coffee filter
  • ·Scale


For a mix using 28 grams of concentrate (adjust as necessary for your amounts):


  1. ·Fill the graduated glass beaker to 90ml with Farm to Vape
  2. ·Add 28 grams of concentrate
  3. ·Set the digital hot plate to 60 Celsius / 140 Fahrenheit
  4. ·Stir occasionally for 20-25 minutes until the concentrate is fully blended with Farm to Vape (A magnetic stirrer may be used towards the end of the process, not in the beginning)
  5. ·Let cool for 3-4 hours to room temperature.
  6. ·Have a coffee filter attached to another glass beaker with a rubber band.
  7. ·Pour the mix through the unbleached filter at room temp, this will trap most of the cellulose waxes and lipids for a very consistent mix, but all of the cannabinoids will have already been placed in solution so you will not lose potency doing this step. This will take several hours to drip through.


You’ve now mixed over 100 ml of THC Vape juice!


Beau Pantoja

Date 1/10/2019

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