We get asked often about how to know exactly how much Farm to Vape to add to your vape mix to liquidize concentrates but keep as much strength of the concentrate in the e juice mix as possible. The way to know exactly how much Farm to Vape to add is by using a digital scale. It may seem overwhelming for those who aren’t versed in using them when mixing wax with e liquid, but they are surprisingly easy to use, and this method will help you dial in your ratios and determine the exact wax juice mix that is right for you.

Digital scales like this one are available for less than $10 online or at any smoke shop.

Each digital scale you find will have two key buttons, power and tare. The tare feature is a button that resets the zero of the scale display after an empty container is placed on the weighing platform, in order to subsequently display only the weight of the contents of the container.


You’ll start by powering on your scale and placing the empty boilable dropper bottle (without the lid) on the scale. Then hit the tare button to make the display read zero again.

Now you will know exactly how much concentrate and Farm to Vape you are adding! We have found that the ideal starting ratio for any type of concentrate is 1:3. That’s one gram of concentrate to three grams of Farm to Vape. Softer ones like isolate, live resin, budder and crumble won’t take as much thinner to turn into liquid, but harder ones like wax and shatter or mixes with a lot of plant matter due to the extraction method can take a little more. We recommend starting at this 1:3 ratio and then adding less or more with the next batches until you have found your perfect consistency. You can also add more Farm to Vape and re-boil your e juice mix. You can also add more concentrate if need be and reboil.

The easiest way to determine your amounts is to know that 1 ml of Farm to Vape weighs 1.11 grams due to specific gravity, and 1 gram of concentrate = 1 ml. To make it simple, 1 gram = 1 ml, so whether you are working in grams or milliliters your calculation should come up with the same result. This helps in determining your end goal of how many milliliters you want to finish with, and we’ll get into that later.

Add your concentrate to the bottle watching the weight on the scale’s display as you go. For an example, let’s say you add one gram of concentrate. The scale will then read 1 gram since you tared it back to zero after adding the bottle to the weighing platform.

Pro tip: We have found that it’s much easier to get the concentrate into the bottle after moistening the inside of the opening with a couple drops of Farm to Vape; this keeps it from sticking to the bottle as you put it in.

With that 1:3 ratio, using our one gram example you would add three grams of Farm to Vape to the boilable dropper bottle currently holding one gram of concentrate. You will add Farm to Vape while watching the weight increase until it reaches four grams total. This should reach approximately to the shoulder of the bottle but due to the weight of different concentrates and other circumstances, the exact place that it ends up will vary each time. That is why using the scale is so useful, it takes out any inconsistencies due to eyeballing the amount.


Using this method, you can take this process to a medicinal level to determine exact dosage amounts and potency levels for your wax oil vape cartridges. You can also make any mixed amount you want and determine the exact amount of Farm to Vape to add just by doing a simple calculation and weighing it on a scale. For instance, if you have a tank that holds 1 ml of fluid and you want to fill it just once, you can add 0.25 grams of concentrate to the boilable dropper bottle on the scale and then add 0.75 grams of Farm to Vape until the scale reads 1 gram total. This will create 1 ml of fluid. In our example of using one gram of concentrate and three grams of Farm to Vape, you would end up with 4 mls of fluid able to fill either 4 of the 1-ml size tanks or 8 of the 0.5-ml size tanks. This makes it incredibly economical to make your concentrate last much longer, and to determine your exact dosing amounts throughout the day.