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How to Make BHO Ejuice
BHO or Butane Honey Oil or Butane Hash Oil as it is sometimes called is a cannabis extract that is legal in some states that make the extract in a closed loop system. This system type protects the environment as butane and hexane are considered greenhouse gasses. Butane by itself isn't toxic to humans but can displace oxygen and cause dizziness or even death by lack of oxygen. Butane is extremely flammable and can ignite from from any type of spark, even static electricity. Therefore we at Farm to Vape do not condone openly blasting butane to make BHO for the above reasons. Closed loops systems are much safer and don't hurt the environment and save you money in the long run. We will be describing the closed loop systems. We find that fresh frozen material makes the best BHO. Second best is freshly dried that has been frozen. Any material that ages will produce a darker, less desirable BHO run.

1. First you pack your material in the vegetative matter cylinder, then attach to the bottom chamber.
2. Vacuum out all the air of the bottom chamber to 29.55 mb
3. Place the bottom chamber in ice water.
4. Connect to room temp butane chamber with line, open nozzles at each end letting butane flow to vacuum chamber with gravity for about 30 minutes
5. Close both ends, take outside, remove line.
6. Vacuum out empty Chamber, place in ice
7. Connect the line to the two chambers (not the plant matter cylinder, this one is closed off at this point)
8. Place plant material side that is full of butane in 110 degree Fahrenheit water.
9. Open valves and let butane switch sides.
10. Close valves, take outside, remove line.
11. Scrape out the BHO from the bottom Container
12. Vac purge at -29.55 mb at 70 degrees Fahrenheit for 72 hours.

You now have high quality BHO that's had the butane vac purged from it at a low heat making a high quality concentrate that contains a lot of natural terpenes. We find its best to store BHO sealed in the freezer as to not let the terps escape. Always keep your BHO in thin films, not in thick globs as thick globs can hermetically seal itself and not let the BHO concentrate breathe, and the terps trapped inside will start to cause sugaring from the inside out.

To turn your BHO into ejuice, you need to take 1 gram and place in a Farm to Vape boilable dropper bottle, then fill to the shoulder with Farm to Vape and close. Boil in water for three minutes. You now have BHO ejuice that's ready to fill any cartridge, tank or atomizer


Justin Kibbe

Date 10/13/2017

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