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I have been using my Farm to Vape kit to make 100% natural e-juice mixes for a while, and now that holidays are here I am looking for something a bit more festive. I think I have finally found my mix. I have been vaping a mix of Farm to Vape Thinner, CLove Oil, and Orange. You can make your own clove wax for this mix, or you can pick up Clove Oil at your local health food store. I am rocking a mix of 3-4 drops of clove oil, and then 6-7 drops of Orange Oil. The rest is FTV Thinner, and it is a perfect holiday flavor. If you are using clove wax for your vaporizer then you still want to use about 6-7 drops of Orange oil. Clove Wax is pretty strong stuff so I only use about 20% wax to 80% Thinner, and I find that works really well for a great flavor. You can go as high as 33% with the wax if you really want a strong flavor, but anything above that and you will be burning through coils. I hope this flavor mix proves useful to you as you Vape what you want, when you want, where you want all through the Holiday season. Cheers!

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