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Control What's in Your Vape Cartridge
There are a lot of facts and myths about ingredients that go into vape cartridges, hopefully this article will give some guidance. With Farm to Vape, you can control what's in your vape cartridge.   

Unfortunately, some people are getting sick from adulterated THC vape cartridges which are made by only for profit dealers who are using inferior cutting agents like MCT coconut oil with their THC distillate to increase their profits. Vitamin E oil is in the news now for this as it turns out Fractionated Coconut Oil or MCT oil contains vitamin E.  

Some people believe the myth that MCT coconut oil is great for vaping since its inexpensive and all natural. This couldn't be further from the truth. MCT or fractionated coconut oil is an oil, which takes a higher temperature to vaporize and the particle sizes are too large to be absorbed in the pulmonary tissue of our lungs. This builds up an oily residue coating on our lungs, sealing them from getting vital oxygen, this condition is called Lipoid Pneumonia. Wheezing and shortness of breath are common symptoms of this.  The only treatment for lipoid pneumonia is discontinuing use of MCT coconut oil and visiting a doctor to be prescribed a steroid such as Prednisone to reduce lung inflammation.  Whether you're a consumer or manufacture of vape cartridges, using products that have not been tested such as cooking oils like coconut oil which are not intended for vaping may have adverse health effects.  The Vitamin E oils contained in MCT coconut oils is adding another multiplier to this condition.

Fortunately for Farm to Vape customers, our Thinners are third party lab tested for safety and have been on the market specifically for thinning herbal concentrates for over five years.  We post these results here: Safety. Farm to Vape allows you to control what you are vaping in your vape cartridges. 

Terpenes, although are natural and are already in herbal concentrates can be dangerous in too high concentrations. Some people believe the myth since terpenes are natural and organic they are safe to use as much as they want in their vape cartridges.  Farm to Vape sells terpenes and we have safety data sheets (SDS's) available on our website that provide vital safety information. Terpenes should not be used more than 2% of the total mixture.  Some other terpene companies recommend up to 20%; which according to our SDS's, this is a toxic amount of terpenes for human inhalation. This would cause throat and lung irritability, dizziness and other adverse side effects.  When used in proper ratios around 1-2%, terpenes add amazing flavor and doesn't cause throat or lung irritability.

We at Farm to Vape believe everyone has a right to know what is in their vape cartridges and will continue testing and publishing results as our customer's health and safety are paramount to us. 



Asa Borne

Date 9/6/2019

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