With more and more states in the US, and many countries around the world taking the logical step to legalize marijuana we are seeing tremendous innovation across this burgeoning industry.   As entrepreneurs and innovators have stepped out the shadows and into the spotlight it is becoming clear that we are entering the golden age of marijuana.   No segment of this industry has seen more innovation over the past few years than the marijuana concentrate market.  Concentrates were once considered a novelty or afterthought to most buyers, but now more and more people are turning to them as their first choice.  So what is fueling this growth?  More often than not it is the marijuana oil cartridge for use in vape pens.  With their convenience, discreet usage, and ability to really control your desired effects it is no wonder that people are finding these to be the perfect way to vape marijuana.  According to medical marijuana delivery service Eaze these cartridges only accounted for 6% of their total sales in December 2015.  By the same time one year later the category had grown to 24% of their overall sales; that is a 400% increase!  We hear numbers like this from dispensaries and shops all the time, and this growth shows no signs of slowing down.   Odds are you have noticed this growth yourself at your local shop or dispensary, but you may have also noticed the rising cost of these cartridges and varying quality of what is available.  So is there any way to combat the expensive and erratic nature of this new and growing segment in the industry?   Fortunately innovations continue to happen even in the youngest corners of the industry.

This is where Farm to Vape enters the equation.  Farm to Vape allows you to create your own marijuana vape oil cartridges and guarantee the exact quality you want, at a price well below the market average for a cartridge.  By buying your own trusted waxes and concentrates you can ensure that you are only using the highest quality concentrates in your vape cartridge.  You can also dial in the exact strength by deciding if you want more or less concentrate in your mix.  With the addition of flavored options as well you can make the best tasting cartridges available, and even dictate the smell of your vape so you can ensure you aren’t bothering those around you.  To top it off the cost savings can be so significant that you can make 6-8 cartridges for the price of 1 at your local shop. 

The industry on the whole continues to grow and innovate, and this is yet another example of how we have truly entered the golden age of marijuana.

Vape what you want, when you want.