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As Always, Farm to Vape is Vitamin E Free
Vitamin E has has been sold by some unreputable companies online as a thickening agent for distillate without any safety testing.  Distillate is is made by warming up the herbal concentrate and capturing the active ingredients as they boil off and condensing back to distillate form.  Unfortunately, some large scale illegal farms use a lot of pesticides and fungicides and these condense and get concentrated in really high amounts in distillate. These bootleg cartridge fillers buy this distillate by the liter and cut their distillate up to 40% with vitamin e for more profit without caring about the consumer.  "Dank Vapes" is a box that can be bought online to make look like a professional brand, though this couldn't be further from the truth.  When consumers purchase their cartridges, they often check to see if the bubble in the cartridge moves, much like a level.  If it moves, they know it has been cut a lot with a thinning agent. So they used vitamin e as it is just as thick as distillate and has the same appearance.  These bootlegger were essentially duping their customers with poison.  A lot of the cartridges possible remain unsold and are still in circulation for unsuspecting customers. 

Farm to Vape has always been Vitamin E and has gone through extensive safety testing.  We recently tested our products for Vitamin E and posted the results above.  With Farm to Vape, you can control what you are vaping, whether you are turning herbal concentrate into vape oil or thinning distillate.

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