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Adding Terpenes to CBD e-liquid
Terpenes are great for adding flavor and aromas to Cannabidiol (CBD).  Since the passing of the Farm Bill Act in 2018, hemp has taken off in America.  Hemp is a type of cannabis sativa that contains virtually no THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that makes users feel "high".  Hemp has traditionally been bred to make hemp fibers for paper and rope.  Lately advances in hemp breeding has created some strains that contain up to 28% CBD.  These high yielding strains are legal in all 50 states and have taken the market by storm.  There are dried flowers available at your local head shop along with an array of concentrated CBD products.  One of these products that we will focus on is CBD isolate.  CBD isolate is pure cbd, at over 99.9% purity and it's available almost everywhere.  CBD isolate has an appearance like table salt and has no smell as when it's extracted, all the terpenes are removed.  When we make a vape cartridge of cbd isolate and want it to taste like high grade, we add terpenes back to it.  

To make a flavorful cartridge that you know what's in it, simply take one gram of CBD and 2ml of Thinner from the Farm to Vape Kit and add two drops of terpenes from Tahoe OG Terpene Profile Kit and boil in water for three minutes.  You're now ready to fill three 1ml cartridges that contain 333mg of CBD in each cartridge!  

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